At Solecito, we believe in a multicultural society that embraces every child as a unique contributor to our future. We focus on developing each child’s potential to the fullest while teaching them Spanish. That’s why our one-of-a-kind programs are designed to foster a child’s natural curiosity by encouraging creative exploration, expression, collaboration and problem solving. We are a licensed Language Preschool with an intimate learning environment.

Our teacher’s have over 15 years of experience teaching Spanish to young children as a foreign language. We pride our selves on caring for the whole child. We work to expand our students’ horizons by integrating language immersion into fun and engaging age-specific activities. The result is an educational environment that facilitates positive social interactions and flexible learning, all while celebrating cultural diversity. Learning a second language has many cognitive benefits to the individual learner, but even more so the gift of learning another language helps us grow as a global community, 

We are proud to have students and families from all over the world. We celebrate diversity in all that we do. 




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Inspired by her Costa Rican heritage, Solecito founder Casey Baldner has developed language-immersion programs that encourages both an appreciation for culture and love of learning. Maestra Casey has a BA in Liberal Arts: Teaching, Bilingual Education, and Spanish as well as 13 years of early childhood education teaching experience. Having also studied Spanish abroad, Maestra Casey is both fluent in the language and passionate about sharing it with her students. When she is not implementing Spanish-immersion programs at Solecito School, Maestra Casey continues to travel and explore. The importance of preschool education and learning a second language.




We have three classrooms with lots of space and light. We are located in the Haller Lake neighborhood. 

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We have a vegetable garden, and large play area. Our students enjoy recess everyday! 

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Northeacres Park

We are blocks away from Northacres park, with wooded trails, great play structures, and a state of the art water park.